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Don't Forget About Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage MonthHispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15- October 15. So as American football season starts up, this month of celebration tends to slip away from the American mind. Hispanic contributions to America are sometimes forgotten and many times are not acknowledged. We should take a look at the one of the earliest contributions to America.

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Top 5 Tips on Presenting A Job Application

When you are applying for jobs it can be easy to fall for the assumption that the CV is the most important part of your application. In fact, first impressions are probably the most crucial aspect of the process. (This is not to say that CVs are not important, but we shall cover them in a later post). Recruiters look at a number of basic aspects to get a good feel for the candidate. So here is what milestone will pick up on when receiving...

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Seattle Job Fair... Or Not?

Cancelled Job FairWe've been told that the Seattle Job Fair that was supposed to be held at the Seattle Airport Hilton did not occur today.

To everyone who went out to the Hilton expecting a job fair, only to be met with nothing, we wish to apologize.

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What's Next?

Seal of the PresidentEarlier this month President Obama addressed Congress and the nation about his proposed American Jobs Act. He belives that, if adhered too, it will be a major step towards rebuilding the state of the nation; from its staggering decline in jobs, economic stability, and quality of education.

That was nearly two weeks ago.

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