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Most Common Last Minute Filing Errors And How To Avoid Them

common tax filling mistake

Tax season is finally approaching and the filing deadline will approach faster that you realize it. With few days left to file tax returns, taxpayers often commit last minute errors which can invite unnecessary delay and troubles. As a taxpayer, one must double check returns to make sure everything is correct and accurate. In first place, taxpayers should not rush and request a 1040 tax extension. Or else they should know what last minute...

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Reasons to Pay Off Your Loans Early

second look loan

There comes a time in everyone’s life when there is a need to get a loan. A loan doesn’t really mean that you’re facing a financial crunch or going through hard times. It can be taken for good reasons as well such as for home improvement, for expansion of business and other such reasons.

Once you take a loan, you might start searching for ways to pay off your loan as quickly as possible. On, the contrary you’ll also find a...

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Eight Ways to Ace an Interview

The Addison GroupCareer Expert Shares Tips for Interview Preparation

There’s no denying that interviews are stressful, intimidating and can most likely make or break chances at landing a prospective position. To help calm nerves and secure positions, Thomas Moran, CEO of Addison Group, shares his insights on strategies to help individuals stand out among average interviewees.

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Things to Consider When Applying For Second Look Loans

Taking a second look at your loans

Most of the large banks in the USA have been giving out lesser loans owing to their tough borrowing rules. These borrowing standards have become even more stringent since the recent financial crisis.

A big help to deserving applicants whose loan applications get rejected is the second look review. Borrowers can take the help of second look loans because the amount...

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How to Use LinkedIn as Your Online CV

LinkedInLinkedIn has become a huge splash on the social network scene and has focalized itself on being a job network and recruiting operation. It has allowed a chance to develop relationships with key players in the industries all over the world. All industry leads have seemed to find their way onto LinkedIn on account that such a successful resource pool has developed on there.

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