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5 Costly Mistakes Job Seekers Make in This Economy

Common job search mistakesEven though more Hispanics are finding jobs toward the end of 2012 than in the previous several months and even years, many are still getting stalled by common job-seeker mistakes. Are you one of them?

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How Social Media Can Help You Find A Job

Using social on the job huntSteve Nicholls, author of Social Media in Business, explains how to work every room in the country without leaving your couch.

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Why You Should or Shouldn't Use Home Equity to Pay for College


College is incredibly expensive. Tuition costs have risen over 511 percent over the past two decades. There isn't a single consumer good or service that has risen that high within the same time period. Students need to get financing from every source they can, and of course parents want to help. Some parents may be tempted to use their home equity to help their children through school, but while that's a perfect solution for some, it only causes problems for others. Home equity should only be used when it's part of a strategy that makes sense, and there are a few things parents and students should know before deciding on a plan.

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How To Get Promoted Now

Executive Women"Executive Presence” Is Key to Corporate Advancement

New York, NY: October 23, 2012— When it comes to career success, attractiveness and hard work don't match the influence of "executive presence (EP)", according to a new study from the Center for Talent Innovation. In a survey, 268 senior executives cited executive presence--being perceived as leadership material--as an essential component to getting ahead. In fact, executive presence accounted for, on average, 25% of what it takes to get promoted.

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Consider the career, not just the job

Harris AlliedHarris Allied Tells Job Seekers ‘It’s Not About the Job, It’s About Your Career’

NEW YORK, NY – June 2012 – It’s a decidedly different job market for technology professionals than it was even two years ago and many tech pros may find themselves evaluating several different job offers at a given time. This is the time to look beyond the job in front of you and consider your career, say experts at Harris Allied, an executive recruiting firm.

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