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Top Career Fair Advice from Recruiters

Find JobsJobipedia.org Experts Offer Help to Career Fair Bound Students and Job Seekers

Washington, DC – Today, as students and job seekers are attending fall career fairs on college campuses and in arenas and meeting venues across America, recruiting experts at jobipedia.org offer advice on how to make the most of each career fair opportunity.

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Tips for Graduates Job Search

Job Search

In the recent years the number of graduates has increased dramatically, and taking into consideration the level of candidates that are competing for getting a job, it is obvious that finding the right career path is a high priority for most graduates. With thousand freshly graduated people and couple thousands that are already looking for a job, what can a young specialist do in order to stand out of the crowd...

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About to Graduate? Revise Your Resume!

Graduation looming? Better start job hunting!Washington, D.C. – Today, as college graduations near, jobipedia.org offers advice to students who have not yet secured a job: consider revising and better tailoring your résumé. 

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A Graduate’s Guide to Getting Hired

College Graduates, Get Hired!Most soon-to-be college graduates are apprehensive about their job search—and rightly so. In an unforgiving economy and overcrowded job market, finding a position is a difficult challenge. Here, Ben Carpenter tells you what you need to know in order to hear those much-coveted words, “You’re hired!”

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Making Your First Resume

Resume Writing

Assuming that you are stressed out over composing a resume, or battling with the assignment, you're not alone! However, making your first one doesn't need to be a scaring assignment assuming that you comprehend the objective of your CV - to create investment and meetings. It doesn't have to cover the entire history of your life. It basically needs to provoke the enthusiasm of the spectator and response the main question he thinks about:...

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